A self-navigating and


which brings breakthrough operational control to sales team management

With the ever increasing complexity and volume of sales data, companies are increasingly turning to automated solutions and artificial intelligence in the quest for more effective sales processes and getting a higher return on their heavy CRM investments.

A revolution with benefits

Being a sales manager is tough! Today´s constantly increasing volumes of complex sales activity data are turned into dashboards, charts and static reports. The way to action is bumpy, with manual routines, blind spots, undesired bureaucracy, late responses and lack of alignment. Typical control cycles of weeks cause lost and unpredictable revenue. Diggerin offers to turn these weeks into minutes withs its new and revolutionary two-way real time solution.  Through data science, automation and fast-mode design Diggerin unleash the power of existing CRM-data making them a day-to-day asset for pinpointing and carry out actions that will secure and increase sales.

  • Control Cycle from weeks to minutes
  • 50% less time spent on control activities
  • Pursue win patterns despite team turnover
  • Get early waning signs
  • Double the response rate on control initiatives

“Current estimates indicates that a sales team with Diggerin could improve their win-rate with 10-15%, double their sales team without adding any extra control overhead and reduce team turnover cost with typically 20%” Stein Ræstad, CEO Diggerin Inc

User groups

  • people (1)Sales Executives
    Always be aligned with the underlying drivers for your forecast scenarios, know for real which one you will hit, and not least be able you to push the right buttons to secure future success.
  • arrows (1)Sales Managers
    Train, coach, and guide your reps more efficiently through a fact based and instant dialog about deltas and risks to deal with and a shared understanding about what works and not.
  • people (2)Sales Reps
    Get automated reminders and suggestions enabling you to make quota through continuous structured effort. Keep your peers and superiors aligned with less effort, leaving more time for selling.
  • up-arrow (1)Sales Ops
    Crack the code of how to make seemingly impregnable data an asset for conducting the business, enabling the sales team to become more productive, less vulnerable to turnover and easier to grow.

How it works

Diggerin is an active CRM interface for sales team management, powered by an automation engine continuously digging into your CRM data looking for events and conditions relevant for predicting sales and to initiate positive reinforcement, reminders and corrective actions.

Connects to your CRM in the Cloud
Your CRM is the primary source for the sales activity data. In the first version we support Salesforce.com CRM. Support for other sources will follow.

Digs into the sales data several time a day
Looking for issues of interest. Labels characteristics and events. Evaluates controls and target rules.

Offers an active interface
Enables you to work actively with deals at your management level, based on issues of interest and available action options. All initiated actions pops up in your integrated TO-DO list and will stay there until resolved or expired.


Issues of interest:

Funnel classification – Funnel suspension – Outcome predictions – Time horizons – Deal Sizes – Sales Velocity – Deal Qualification – Upcoming closing – Stage transitions – Inactivity – Pushes – Close Overdue – Flight Overdue – Inconsistent probabilities – Inactive deal owner – Deal owner track record – Actual outcome vs expected.

What the active CRM interface provides

  • Pinpointing issues of interest

    Identifies characteristics and events relevant for you to know and possibly take action upon.

  • Continous outcome predictions

    Using machine learning to predict outcomes based on your historical win and lose patterns.

  • Action triggers

    Controls which trigger relevant actions and alerts by the occurence of defined condtions and/or events.

  • Assisted, fact driven dialogue
    Send internal reminders and requests for actions. Share info for alignment. All dialogue is supported by relevant facts enabling a precise dialogue with an impact.

  • Dynamic To-Do list

    Get your full control to-do list, with suggested actions, actions in process, resolved actions and those being closed without solution.

  • Digital sticky notes with “Action Required”

    Sticks to a deal (or other entity) until the action requirement is fulfilled or expired

  • Built-in journal 

    Logging of all control activity enables you to follow up until a task is resolved…. Who did you ask about what? What is the progress?

  • …and it´s cross device
    Made for sales people being on the move, switching between places and between your mobile, tablet or desktop

“Excellence is never an accident. It is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, and intelligent execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives – choice, not chance, determines your destiny.” – Aristotle

How to get started

Diggerin requires no expensive consultancy projects or hours of configuration. No matter if you are a sales executive, a sales manager, a sales rep or sales ops, you can test it out and experience the luxury of having your own digital assistant making your busy days easier. 

  • 1. Connect to your CRM
    Register as a user and connect to your CRM in the cloud. Diggerin instantly starts working for you, always connected, monitoring and calculating, – never getting tired.
  • 2. Tell the system your preferences
    What kind of role do you have in the sales team? It should take less than 5 minutes.
  • 3. Tune as you go
    The better Diggerin gets to know you, the better it will serve you, as your personal  sales management assistant.