Selling is not just hard


The Diggerin team is dedicated to help PEOPLE turn exploding and complex data streams this into a competitive advantage

“As complexity rises, precise statements lose meaning and meaningful statements lose precision.”
Lofti Zadeh


“Above all, I realized that my abilities to get up to speed quickly and rapidly adapt to changing conditions were what mattered most”.
– Jill Konrath about here own sales career.

Diggerin Advisory Board Members:

– Jill Konrath
A US based celebrated keynote speaker, author of bestselling sales books and award winning sales blogger.

– Ole Jacob Mengshoel
Senior system scientist at Carnegie Mellon University, Affiliated with NASA Ames Research Center.

– Stian Krosby
Leading positions within user experience, digitization and innovation in New York based and Norwegian companies.

– Katja Samara
A true sales professional with experience within international sales from several industries

Mobility increases. Compression of time and space increases. There is a growth of digital products and digital business processes. New business models are breaking down the barriers between sales, customer service, marketing and product. Aggressive growth strategies increase expectations from “everyone about everything».

The Diggerin team is a group of dedicated people having been around for a while and seen this coming. We have worked with combinations of sales, CRM, data science, process control technology and internet for years, some of us for more than 2 decades. We have also seen how CRM systems despite their success have struggled to be adapted in organizations by the PEOPLE supposed to benefit from them, and that this is not going to be any easier as complexity keeps rising.

We are dedicated to disrupt sales team management

Think of how a GPS app totally changes the way you can travel. Hungry? No matter where you are, you can just click on a nearby restaurant and the app will tell you how to get there.  All this because someone took advantage of knowing your position, provided by the incredible GPS technology, and added a system for turning a complex map into an effortless guide with actionable labels well suited for a person on the move. And imagine how self driving cars in a few years will totally disrupt the way we think of transportation at all!

The same way we want to turn complex sales data into a well suited and actionable fast-mode map for sales managers chasing the numbers for the next quarter. We also strongly believe that this technology has the power to change the way people think of, talk about and act within sales. We want to change what people regard as possible and impossible. We want to establish new patterns and work habits that just feels obvious, as obvious as it is to let the GPS guide you to a nearby restaurant.

We use the power of artificial intelligence and automation

Within sales, companies invest heavily in CRM systems and other systems causing data volumes to explode. Those who learn to profit from these exploding data streams will be the winners. This cannot be done by expanding already monstrous slow-mode tools with new fields of input, new static charts and reports to be distributed long after the fact. The future of sales-enabling tools belong to artificial intelligence and automation with the power to disrupt “everything”.

In the Diggerin team we work hard every day to make it possible for ambitious sales people to profit from the power of these emerging technologies. We want them to feel the power of disruption. We want them to excel their competitors!

Our Team

Sindre Ræstad
Sindre Ræstad
Financial Adm Assistant

DigNo. Getting it all right, preparing for the numbers to grow…

Stein Raestad
Stein Raestad
CEO & Founder

Mr Dig. Passionate about connecting the dots to find the ways for people to master an increasingly complex and changing reality.

Bjorn Erling
Bjorn Erling

Dig Master, a passionate technical architect constantly looking for ways to get rid of some lines of code

Bhoomi Gajjar
Bhoomi Gajjar

Dig Wizard | Making magic every day, organizing data to make them a real asset for practical everyday purposes.

Arne Jenssen
Arne Jenssen
Data Scientist

Doctor Dig. Working and sleeping with his algorithms, making dead and unproductive data become alive and powerful.

Gainaru Ion Cosmin
Gainaru Ion Cosmin

Dig Decorator, dedicated to stunning user experiences.

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