Sales Management Automation That Helps You Make Things Happen

Concerned about how to increase the sales productivity in your sales team? Invested in CRM and still tired of being smart after the fact? Keep improving your CRM usage, but forget about the passive, one-way dashboards and static reports helping the sales management only to watch things happen, leaving them with all the manual work. You need a new, active and two-way approach that puts the data to work for you. You need tools helping sales management to cut control cycles from weeks to minutes. You need them to stay on top of things and make things happen every day, even from the back seat of a taxi. You need Diggerin!

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Be a Winner as Complexity Rises

There is a reason why sales productivity is reported to be the #1 challenge for almost 65% of B2B organizations (research from the Bridge Group) and that companies struggle with getting the expected return on their CRM investments. Selling is getting more and more complex and so is conducting the day-to-day operations of a sales team, overwhelmed by vast amounts of complex and evolving sales data. You need to turn these data streams into an advantage instead of a problem. Enabling you to do this is what concerns the Diggerin team, every day, and they are pretty good at it!

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Data volumes generated in businesses around the world has increased dramatically over the last few years, and today, the rate is increasing at a larger speed than ever before. To cope with this growing problem, manual tasks will have to be assisted or automated by intelligent and capable data systems. This is where tools like Diggerin fits in, enabling your CRM data to work for you.
Karl Petter AskimCo-Founder and Product Director at Global OperationsVirtualWorksBoca Raton, Florida

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